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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.954 Dexter was an extremely inconsistent show, but when it was at it best, it was truly great.
0.947 I loved that shot so much for summing up the character's military ties in one frame. Then the "I like it I LOVE IT" scene was fucking amazing.
0.946 I honestly do hope that Damien has a very merry christmas, made me feel good seeing him happy with his family.
0.939 A perfectly natural friendship with a nice spark was taken and turned into a fluff filled poorly written Mills and Boons novel.
0.937 "Because I'm a fucking great actor" - BARROWMAN!!!!!!!!! As always, these are brilliant to read :D
0.936 At least I hope so, since Nyssa probably is the best love interest on this show right now.
0.934 LMFAO best thread ever, regarding daredevil i love the show might rewatch to comment with you guys
0.931 Her beautiful appearance and winning smile would certainly help ratings too.
0.924 I think I love this woman o-o Which is cool cause I always liked Nyssa :D
0.920 To celebrate the glorious love between Oliver and Felicity. May it get jammed in Felicity's eye.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.966 I wanted to try to talk about this in relation to Batman, but he is so full of bullshit technology and utility belt shit that you couldn't cover all the crazy shit.
-0.943 "Here's lots of evidence that your bro is a total dick" "Here's my rebuttal: go fuck yourself" They managed to even ruin Diggle's character this was so stupid.
-0.942 What the fuck is this shit FUCK olicity<3 thing. Fuck you writers.
-0.941 I want Felicity dead. DEAD. Then Ollie might kill some motherfuckers again.
-0.941 Oliver is good at what he does, but there is no part of his skill and experience or intellect that can keep him 100% from always and forever avoiding kill or be killed situations.
-0.940 They had no idea at the time who they were going to kill off and only 2 episodes before filming the death episode did they tell the actor that their character was going to die.
-0.939 This article's much better than another one I saw, but I wish they would stop implying that the fans are only mad because they killed Laurel and had a bad finale.
-0.935 I think the point is that there's a difference between killing for the sake of killing, and killing because you don't really have a choice.
-0.932 1 fuck 2 fuck Red fuck Blue fuck
-0.931 Hell, the only constant character that can provide reflection is Diggle and they have him taking head shots without any acknowledgement of killing or death.
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