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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.935 And wow, I love how the eyes are just bold and the colors are so vivid compared to the vector, I just adore it.
0.930 Ooh, you're the person who bought that sewing automaton! I'm pretty sure you win at having the best pony.
0.927 I love you, I love you, oh, and did I mention that I love you for posting this?
0.896 That collection probably cost me less than $100 in actual money, but a lot of time and love put into the plushies I traded for it all :)
0.881 [] Oh don't worry about it, I mean the love as in appreciation for this image!
0.875 I love that it's an album now instead of just the one pic, though the one pic was wonderful as well, of course.
0.867 I might not have the largest Rarity collection out there, but I think I have one of the best! I actually traded for the two larger plushies as well and the small plushie was only $50.
0.866 But yes, I'm very lucky to have it and all the other beautiful Rarities in my collection.
0.848 I'm glad to see best pony has reached over 1000 subs!! Now if only my name was rarityy....
0.840 The lovely people in /r/mylittlepony were perfectly correct.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.827 Those bastards did this to spite me personally!
-0.755 I wasn't sure if my soul could bare the burden of not getting Rarity in that damned game any longer. EDIT:They could have totally held out for more then 70 Gems for her.
-0.743 I just got that app yesterday and seriously what the hell is with them prices.
-0.718 Negative on the lack of facial hair pics.
-0.612 And what a distressing lack it was.
-0.572 jesus christ how horrifying
-0.556 []THE UGLY ONE!
-0.555 I'm so jealous right now!
-0.542 []Classy as fuck.
-0.525 This puts my male rarity to shame !
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