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0.960 The Pro is great but for me too big to use super comfortably and the iPads are maybe great but a whole different set of concerns.
0.943 I know it is not much time to enjoy the places fully but would be really great to know the best places to visit there.
0.943 From the size difference, I like the SE better as it fits my hand well and as many had already stated, bodes perfectly well for one-handed use.
0.938 i love how small the case is too, its really like the size of a dental floss case or somethin haha, hope i dont lose it!
0.937 I'm not sure if it helps, but I have the wired Momentums and they are super nice :)
0.920 So upgrading to the best of the best makes good sense since the cost is amortized over such a large time period and allows me to stretch the usable life by another year, 2, or more.
0.919 I would say that my tech support skills were pretty good when I started, and my Apple knowledge was rudimentary at best.
0.919 The photos are amazing, the Taptic Engine is great, iOS 10 feels great.
0.918 feel free to correct me if you can without rambling and crying about me invading your safe space of "apple is love apple is life"
0.917 The best operating system is the one you enjoy using, and by all means try out Windows 10 and see if you're one of the many millions who love it!

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.910 I don't really have any plans right now but it would suck if i didn't enjoy such a beautiful place.
-0.904 Jesus christ, no one on this retarded ass website has any sense of sarcasm or irony.
-0.895 That's more of a failure on Apple's part to get their shit together than it is a complete failure of the idea.
-0.888 No I think it will - hence why I think this is a disaster, we're stuck in the dongle days for a while I fear.
-0.886 Youll never see it because any branch that leads you to such a potentiality would have gotten killed off as a distraction or failure before it had time to bear fruit.
-0.875 I really hate that argument, it's just so ridiculous.
-0.873 Yeah the argument for type-c I am actually on board with, but as far as killing Magsafe, it feels like they realized they could so they did, which sucks and I don't agree, but whatever.
-0.872 It makes me sad to see things go to waste, but there are much worse things to be worried about.
-0.872 The phone screens are lower res than phones that are cheaper and they're focusing on destroying wired headphones and selling more bullshit peripherals.
-0.864 i used to get mildly annoyed but knowing these were coming i got irrationally angry.
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