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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.972 I'm still a total noob, but slowly getting better and better. It definitely helps that the anime is so realistic, yet so positive.
0.956 It was very nice to see the girls having fun on the weekend. Hifumi didn't have much time on screen but she was still adorable, as usual for a best girl like her.
0.954 And the best part of this episode was the previews of next episode where best girl shows up god dammit!!! [**Keep calm and praise ~~Taiga~~ Ami**]
0.951 This anime did two major things that I'm thankful for: it taught me to appreciate just everyday life and the importance of having fun. Favorite character is definitely Kyon.
0.949 Good stuff! I love seeing great Rei fanart, I love seeing EVA fanart in general actually.
0.945 Having had good upbringings, most of them were very nice and friendly people, and sharing common interests, attitudes, and goals made it easy for us to be a close and tightly-knit group.
0.943 Yeah, any "yaoi" anime that can convince my macho boy friend to like, or even love, it truly breaks all boundaries.
0.940 Haha, I'm glad that the key to outsmarting the good guys was "BETTER WEAPONRY!" True strategic genius there.
0.930 Oh wow, what a great and satisfying ending to a spinoff/prototype series to the original, with all loose ends nicely tied up.
0.928 I also thought last episode was already pretty good, so I can definitely agree that this show seems to be improving.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.957 Im not embarrassed that I watch it, but I was embarrassed to tell others I watched Food Wars or Kill La Kill.
-0.935 Maybe even pain of he's hurt being crushed, that might actually kill him.
-0.923 Kill la Kill, it was the first overly sexualized anime I watched and didn't really understand that it was a send up of other anime tropes, so it made me sort of uncomfortable.
-0.904 they can still get in surprise kills by going straight for the neck and its not like the adults can actually kill somebody because of the death feedback
-0.903 Ryuuji won't so Ami decides not to help, but does anyway. In the cave Kitamura does some really lousy ideas to scare Minori.
-0.902 his only negative ones are the ass war ones and sao ones.
-0.902 Story is a complete mess, Shu is a dumbass, Inori is a dumbass, dialogue was written by a literal 9 year old, oh yeah and Shu is a dumbass.
-0.896 I've heard the whole replacing thing, but still, that doesn't make season 2 absolute shit, just relative shit.
-0.891 [VN spoilers, final route](/s "It's from the terra route; Kagari attacked Kotarou, leading him to lose parts of his body and being severely damaged.
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