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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.947 haha , love to check out some more amazing facial videos of your beauty!
0.912 Wow she is super super hot.
0.855 Loved her commentary and talking to you...the fucking best hands down...
0.852 Best part of this video is that she rubs the cum into her awesome boobs at the end.
0.848 I love how happy she is!
0.841 last one looks so happy :)
0.838 Shes so very adorably cute, and the nice load of cum helps too, but damn, even without the cum she'd be amazing
0.836 Please please please the halftime special!
0.823 love that sexy body and voice is so hot
0.818 Thanks dear :)

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.900 Bloody hell - that's horny as fuck
-0.859 Die in a fire, spammer.
-0.836 When he got back and found me covered in another guy's cum, naked and waiting on the bed with red handprints on my ass, he fucked me harder than he ever has before.
-0.813 Nope, but he did leave it on me while he fucked me afterwards.
-0.772 Fuck off, spammer.
-0.691 There is no bad choice.
-0.675 Lets make this shit happen, we need those other vids!
-0.660 Do not click this link - it's cancer
-0.635 holy shit i know this girl!!
-0.610 hell yeah!!
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