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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.922 That means a lot :) This is definitely one of the best ways to get 100% honest feedback.
0.900 Great colour choices :) it looks beautiful
0.897 Lots of new elements to the show have been introduced, which is a lot of fun and definitely keeps me watching, but I just hope they'll get wrapped up in a satisfying manner.
0.894 It was so cute and I loved the sincere expressions of emotion.
0.872 Jo looks like she's gonna be an amazing hero and I can't wait to see what see has in store.
0.869 i like that you call the toys happy meal bonuses.
0.859 And even though she consistently shows affection towards her citizens and takes good care of them, she doesn't appear to have the same soft spot for those not in her kingdom.
0.836 Very well deserved, one of the best recent adventure time episodes.
0.832 :) i also like the lil snail instead of the envelope in this sub, i just noticed it :3
0.827 I like them. Honestly, I'm starting to enjoy them more then the show.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.869 <3 too bad your villains are such low quality lately. a lawyer that went crazy when half his face burnt and started to bet peoples' lives on a coin flip!
-0.796 And why would he show any fear of death at the beginning of the episode as he was plummeting?
-0.784 a psychiatrist that got dosed with his own fear drug and started to spread terror!
-0.735 No, sadly, part of the producer's contracts for the show prohibit distribution and broadcast once it's no longer in production.
-0.725 And the only reason they ain't brave enough to say it out loud amounted to an excuse along the lines of "homosexuality is illegal in Russia and some of the other places we're shown."
-0.680 I have done this for Pokemon toys, no shame!
-0.649 they made an account and responded to me in several subreddits accusing me of some shit or whatever. total dillweed.
-0.637 And even if he thought what he experienced in the dream was death, it could have just been the sensation of passing out due to lack of oxygen to the brain.
-0.624 AT does get some pretty serious hate but that video just kind of sucks.
-0.599 Obviously this one is Death.
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