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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.891 I love sauna's and my father has alzheimers, I hope this will convince my wife to join me in more sauna!
0.873 WOW great catch on the than/then!
0.836 To keep my clients happy, I have to give them the best possible system...
0.818 I play casual, non-multiplayer, storyline-driven games on the easier side, like Watch Dogs and GTA.
0.813 I build what they request, but I keep my vision present so that it isn't an unholy mess of discombobulated buttons and options and complexity that no one loves.
0.778 I'm always inspired to see all the people on here and elsewhere who are figuring out how to turn it into something positive.
0.757 My clients don't get everything they request, but they are very happy with my work.
0.743 There are at least 4 titles here I have a strong interest in reading now.
0.730 And people that have access to them are probably socioeconomically skewed towards doing pretty OK for themselves.
0.727 Had high hopes, because I've read and enjoyed several of the first books in the list.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

Score Sentence
-0.923 >Do you really realize that fear, procrastination, lack of discipline and laziness are going to totally ruin your freaking life? >Are you trying to control things that are out of your control?
-0.612 I'm terrified of my parents getting any kind of dementia.
-0.599 As having no personality and dull, so you need a bit of "you".
-0.586 the grammar in this is horrendous.
-0.572 cycles of depression and happines are also called manic-depressive psychosis - if you have one of theese see a doctor
-0.511 why do music players have to be ugly and big?
-0.382 That's an embarrassing one, given how much writing I do.
-0.341 Just saying, do it for yourself, not to be better than others
-0.340 What about a vibrating wristwatch alarm?
-0.297 I naturally walk at almost a ludicrous speed-walker pace .
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