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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.939 His answer sounded pretty honest that, "Technically yes, but the strength is determined by the value of the merchandise." Then he refunded my two tokens and gave my kid a wad of tickets.
0.932 My dad has insurance, thanks to Obama, which he desperately needs. I have friends who have a good chance of an easier path to citizenship, thanks to the Dream Act.
0.931 So if it's been a year since I've had sex with another man, but not a year since I've had sex with a woman am I good to go? Edit: God bless going to donate blood at the next opportunity
0.920 Sounds exactly like the old book, How to Win Friends and Influence People. An excellent read.
0.912 Sweet, those 2 extra gb will compliment my free [10 TB OneDrive account] I have quite nicely.
0.910 There's also a good chance his party will make sure a Republican follower ends up at the next supreme court judge.
0.906 Do keep on using Amazon Smile because every little bit helps, but don't forget to donate outside of Amazon Smile for far greater impact.
0.900 We fill our machines on a weekly basis and if a machine is giving out more prizes than we like then we will make it a tiny bit harder to win.
0.899 Rather than trying to strangle the energy industry we currently have I would like to see more done to encourage and foster clean energy.
0.897 So I see it's linked to directly from the FTC website, and thus should be safe, but I'm super apprehensive about any website requiring me to submit my social security number.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.962 I freaked out, wondering what the hell was in my blood that made me so dangerous, and if I had hurt or killed lots of other people because of donating blood in the past.
-0.932 Agree - as a 25 year old with a bad knee from a skiing accident, a recently rebuilt ankle following a nasty military injury, and bad lungs from a bout of pnemonia.
-0.926 He recently went into depth about claw machines and how exactly they're set up to be rigged or not rigged. Edit: Well shit, I shoulda watched the video more, my bad!
-0.925 or, and maybe this is just me, but you could write a long detailed message describing how you where killed to cover up a large conspiracy and warn him to prepare for the zombies..
-0.924 You CAN'T use Anti-Adblock Killer ***WITHOUT THE ANTI ADBLOCK KILLER SCRIPT***
-0.923 It's even free-er to dump a nasty corpse in your local tributary - plus, you won't have to deal with the gross decomposition process!
-0.916 how is this a scam it's a fucking useless rock by this measure all jewelry is a scam
-0.915 This jackass has made his life's mission a story of fucking over everyone humanly possible and the dumb shits that voted for him actually think he gives a shit about them.
-0.914 She wasn't stupid but she was a recent immigrant, didn't have a strong command of English, she was afraid her husband would lose his job, and they terrified her.
-0.913 Stop the presses! This sub is 50/50 with painfully obvious stuff and painfully stupid stuff.
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