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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.958 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=adXPdn3c2BI there's the video, couldn't find unedited without music, but it's a nice fit nonetheless, even more satisfying than the gif :D
0.896 I wish I was better at making gifs, it would look pretty neat if you could loop it so the arrow goes right back in.
0.892 No source other than personal experience, but my Muslim friend wouldn't go near my dog, and she was a total sweetheart.
0.886 You win the medal of honor for diving on a grenade in this country.
0.881 While I get that he may have been trying to teach her potentially life saving lesson, doing that intentionally and then laughing is a great way to end up on the couch for a good long while.
0.881 Feel free to play all the cute word games you like.
0.875 I'm pretty sure the tiger was just giving the kid a hug.
0.875 For a minute he looks like a super hero.
0.872 Yeah but on the other hand who cares?
0.867 At the time it was pretty scary but now we all look back on it and have a good laugh.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.957 These guys don't appreciate their health and I have no doubt that guy will seriously regret that "stupid fucking thing i did in my 20's" when this injury gives him problems later in life.
-0.949 People do this kind of shit and I failed my drivers test for doing a rolling stop at a stop sign which had been stolen leaving only a pole :(
-0.945 I used to laugh at this kind of stuff but ever since I got testicular cancer it just makes me sad and feel really bad for the people involved.
-0.944 When I think of insurance fraud I think of lying about having your shit stolen or exaggerating amounts of items lost etc. This guy is straight up planning to get hit by a car to get insurance money.
-0.934 Ignoring the problem of trying to draw your gun from a seated position, in a car, AND turned 90 when the robber already has his sights on you (what a stupid move!
-0.934 "Oh shit" followed by "fuck fuck fuck"
-0.932 Crime penetration crime penetration crime penetration crime penetration.
-0.928 They were so pissed off and threaten to kill my dog if I cannot handle my dog properly.
-0.922 Real crazy girl but fuck the moment you realize you are stuck would fucking suck.
-0.920 5 Broken ribs 4 deep cuts 3 organs mashed 2 punctured lungs and a jack ass in a dead treeeeeee
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