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0.897 Great good luck !!!
0.827 it has several options, editing, annotations, ability to send directly to slack, save to nimbus account, save to computer, etc...
0.817 I'll definitely check it out! I really love the Nimbus screenshot browser extension/plug-in...
0.796 Nice nice I like the idea
0.795 Please please add this and then i can move over !! thanks
0.732 This seems to be really interesting and useful.
0.717 Thanks dude, totally agree!
0.681 https://uptimerobot.com/ Is another good one, simple clean and reliable.
0.681 Send option is useful when i have used this email id to sign up on a shady site and need to respond or contact their support team.
0.674 This looks AMAZING - I've never used Python, and have very little knowledge of coding.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.718 The forwarded email has no link that can take me to the website to block that email alias in case I want to stop receiving emails to that id.
-0.557 That use case is important since this is used mostly for spam email and saves a trip to your website to block.
-0.276 Isn't this like trakt.tv?
-0.273 33mail is also blocked all over the place while Mailhero isn't.
-0.153 Only thing I miss coming home from 33mail.
-0.039 I am sorry, but you must use Python.
0.128 Hopefully it will go quickly though. *Edit:* **And, of course, the most obvious way to stop mails from an alias is this:** Just log in to the site and click "Turn OFF" on the mail alias.
0.226 Thought I'd see moving trains ;)
0.273 I am planning on learning Python this summer, as well.
0.318 sure, so long as the functionality exists :))
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