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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.939 I think this would be a huge help for me as my playing feels stagnant and I'd love to help improve your course and provide feedback.
0.927 You don't need music theory to make music, you don't need piano to learn theory, but the truth is that piano is the best way to learn theory and theory is a good foundation for music.
0.917 it's a great way to improve, and if those sucky songs have good parts to them, you can always pull them out of that song and stick them in a better song that you write in the future. Yes!
0.915 Having someone doing what you love can keep you motivated, get you help, and push you to improve.
0.914 Sometimes the talentless 16 year old pretty boy gets the success, and the well rehearsed, dedicated, talented band doesn't.
0.899 I'm not looking for any specific feedback but welcome whatever you think about it. Thanks for giving it a listen.
0.899 I'm catching a Supreme Beings of Leisure/ Thievery Corporation vibe. Usually I would try to have one or two suggestions, but honestly that track sounds great as is.
0.899 I know Guitar Center has pretty bad service and stuff, but a Pair of LS305s for $200 is a very good deal for one of the best entry studio monitors.
0.895 Find people who genuinely love making music as those will be the most enthusiastic and helpful about it.
0.889 So yeah, sorry for the wall of text, but I really hope this helps you!

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.812 fuck that shit!
-0.806 I'm not sure about cheapest, but I do it with a presonus 1818vsl and a presonus d8 light piped together.
-0.800 Unfortunately life is a bitch and not fair.
-0.796 I started something but got tired or drained of ideas and said "I'll finish it later".
-0.776 Rather than a mindless "well there's never anything below 100Hz, so let's just kill it".
-0.765 My first comment was "whoa, man, chill the fuck out." I wouldn't have replied if I knew I would be thrown into a debate with a dipshit.
-0.743 Not necessarily on purpose. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8NXip7d2yJc Worse though: I think the punishment if it goes against you in court is higher if it's done knowingly...
-0.727 Cutting out low frequencies will really hollow them out. \#5 is bad too.
-0.713 Probably get two PreSonus DigiMAX D8.
-0.713 Two DigiMAX D8 plus the motu traveler?
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