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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.962 They all agreed so it'll definitely happen and the smaller member States will fully respect the agreement and not capitalize on an opportunity to gain market share!
0.939 whiskey rocks are great, mate. can't say id drop 50 on a set of six, but 20-30 or so aint too bad for a set of nicer ones, if the stone looked interesting enough
0.919 That looks great because it genuinely looks like a few friends just having fun.
0.917 It sounds like you are also incredibly fortunate to have a wife who is intelligent and pragmatic and shares your passion for an informed approach.
0.898 But it was the best thing i ever did and i hope everyone who smokes and wants to quit gets over the first few days and experiences the same simple joy of taste and smells.
0.898 yes, a great example of art - it's an awesome lifelike sculpture.
0.888 Hot Stuff is out of commission for a while but I'm pretty sure the pilot is eager to get back in the air.
0.886 Gotta love pricks who make gifs out of perfectly good videos
0.875 Stay strong and I'm glad you are happy.
0.866 Such a great decision. Humorously, acceptable payment for his time was some weed.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.974 I'm having spam spam spam spam spam spam spam baked beans spam spam spam and spam!
-0.971 I say it alot but this person really deserves it: WHAT A FUCKING IDIOT! Holy shit this person is fucking stupid.
-0.935 This clueless twat deserved to have their car totaled, it's just too bad some innocent SOB had to destroy their car in the process.
-0.932 Some rapists who fuck girls in mouth ass and pussy and they ejaculate on their face or mouth get less than that ! Yeah *I'm* the idiot.
-0.929 And that many criminals act not from a place of evil but of desperation, stupidity, or mental illness.
-0.917 Ugh, the sun is the devil, also all that sand I'd kill myself.
-0.904 His account of it is gut wrenching, complete freak accident. Imagine seeing your kid disappear out a window, knowing as soon as you saw it, your kid was dead.
-0.900 "Crime fighting, pentratation, crime fighting, penetration..."
-0.900 Is it bad that as a broke college student, the first thing I thought of was grabbing some shit and running out the collapsed wall?
-0.899 At around 6 secs you can see the women in orange saree falling into the tracks, and no one seems to give a shit about it, WTF.
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