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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.950 >I think it's wonderful that this father loves his son enough to do this! God, I wish my parents had loved me enough to permanently disfigure themselves for some silly reason
0.925 I am almost 50, but after fucking off well over a decade on drugs, I am pretty happy.
0.915 I guess the vandals do it in the dark, on the sly, like cowards as opposed to blatantly taking a stand like a courageous 70 year old. Awesome!
0.914 It's wonderful to see such an act of kindness when other frats set the bar so low. It's positively lovely!
0.913 Except that part where we created the greatest technical marvels mankind has ever seen, stopped fascism, communism and created the most prosperous nation humanity have ever known.
0.904 lol >Does me being tattooed while still being successful really tilt you that much? I am happy for your success in the face of adversity .
0.898 Yes, but will you easily be able to get a house and two car garage with a nice big yard like in America?
0.887 That is like so cool and awesome! Parent : I want my kid to enroll in your school.
0.886 Hillary almost won the presidency because these people care about their feelings more then competent leadership and personal freedoms.
0.881 Actually, your social security goes to a couple of trusts that are reinvested, and then from that trust social security is paid to the elderly.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.895 AHHHH!! I would have put it out of its misery out of fear it was in constant pain of some sort.
-0.888 You need to chill the fuck out, go find a more appropriate example to spout off about your irrational hatred of people talking about money, and calm down with the strawman arguments
-0.886 It doesn't matter if it his job or not, but he shows that people with *those* types of hatred are still human, and can still be shown the error of their ways through logic, facts, and reason.
-0.878 How in the fuck do you survice 40 minutes with no air and no long term damage.
-0.878 Public, what's left is the trapped insecurity behind skin until we die OR see through that.
-0.876 DAE hate evil conservatives gais??!!
-0.859 I self harm because I'm clinically depressed and dealing with a terminal illness.
-0.856 Unfortunately, the threat of being fired is a real one in my story.
-0.851 And you're a certified DUMB FUCK
-0.848 Vegas is much different than any other US/Canadian city and should be admired for not being among the worst in terms of violent crime per capita.
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