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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.972 Thank you for being lovely moderators (= I really feel happy on this forum, everyone's really nice and the rules are well enforced; the best I've ever seen on any forum.
0.954 Obviously not all police abuse their power, but some do, and the Thin Blue Line is an excellent documentary about abuse and a miscarriage of justice.
0.950 I hope his family and friends can find some sort of peace now that they know the truth, however I don't think that you can ever truly be remotely okay after something like this.
0.944 I feel like I was kicked in the stomach but also feel not only heartache for his family but a sense of peace for them. Rest in peace young man <3
0.942 *Snoopy dance, deep breath* YES YES YES YES YES!!!!
0.941 Well, I for one am very grateful for the girl to be alive and well and hopefully very happy.
0.939 Great post OP, I often like the posts where the likely conclusion isn't murder or kidnapping best.
0.934 OHH this is such great news thank you for sharing OP, that's made my week <3 edit: does this make him legally innocent?
0.934 I'm pretty sure I've seen every episode but today is my day off and I'm so thankful you shared this!
0.931 I love love love this subreddit and the people on it!

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.969 Police arrested him, he got charged with aggravated assault, attempted murder, animal cruelty and a host of drug charges.
-0.967 However I have no doubt in my mind that guy had some form of ill intent towards that girl that he was trying to act on, be it abduction, rape or murder. Edit: Typo.
-0.960 I've been away a while, but didn't the one about the six dead women somewhere in the midwest get solved when a prostitute shot dead a serial killer?
-0.957 Institutional racism, classism, and general ineptitude is nothing new in NOPD, but the problem seemed especially bad in the 90s when the murders took place .
-0.957 She was a virgin at the time, but the man kept telling her that she didn't "feel" like a virgin, which makes my skin crawl with disgust, sadness and rage.
-0.954 Thomas Quick, Swedens only serial killer, who really wasn't a serial killer, but still confessed to around 30 murders and was convicted in eight murders.
-0.953 Until the knock came again, but this time the knocker said, "Hello?" I, of course, freaked out and in my manliest, 17 year old voice screamed bloody murder.
-0.953 The convict, Dassey, got a lot of details in his confession very wrong, guessing the wrong murder weapon and his details about the amount of blood at the crime scene.
-0.951 And having been assaulted by him multiple times, watching him get worse and worse, reading the increasingly violent letters he sends me, I know it's only a matter of time until he kills someone.
-0.947 Now this poor dude is getting hate and being threatened because your average person has the critical thinking skills of a dead termite.
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