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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.670 Im pretty sure they're both actually autistic
0.649 She only gonna get coal this year but she too lit to care.
0.649 I like this sub because it had context in the video and the song byte at the end - those two things are what make a true "Thug Life" post.
0.637 Love how they paused and thought about their options.
0.625 Great edit.
0.625 Alex getting to that old age where he can say pretty much anything and it's okay cause he's old
0.612 I don't remember ever having subscribed this subreddit, but now I'm glad past-me did.
0.593 Things change - I get that- but this sub hasn't changed for the better it has become more or less a Facebook post.
0.586 Wow, I can't imagine something less thug life...
0.572 I think we're planning to have tags or flair of some kind for the pics so people can filter them out if they want.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.828 They're awful and I HATE them!
-0.818 Bloody hell reminds me of this so much.
-0.660 And he's fucked if they did catch up to him
-0.649 Just when i think this sub is dead theirs a video that brings me back in.
-0.585 How the fuck is this thug life?!
-0.585 That said, fuck the mods!
-0.572 check my channel for 300+ vids you never saw edit: ya'll hate me that much?
-0.557 I don't think anyone there gives a shit about the news, film your little bit outside.
-0.557 Man this popping up just made me realize that this subreddit died a while back.
-0.557 Shit I forgot I was subscribed to this sub
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