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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.914 It's funny for me because I love doing this to my dog, when he yawns I sick my hand flat in his mouth and then he won't bite my hand and just looks at me like, "dude, again?
0.910 I'd say he's pretty, pretty, pretty good at it.
0.873 Good luck :D
0.866 Greatest rapper alive <3
0.863 Honestly still my standard for how to make a great 20 minute comedy.
0.848 I love how we are discussing the escape options for a cartoon, and weighing the benefits and risks lol.
0.813 Nice to meet you WhiteKidGreg. Thanks for the support brother.
0.810 I also don't blame anyone for not voting for a racist, misogynistic carrot with all the intelligence and progressivism of one.
0.802 Haha, I'd love to see Ted Cruz get that treatment.
0.785 Their vote still matters. If I were to go vote only when I felt like I'm in 100% agreement with everything they say, I wouldn't vote, and I doubt many people would.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.906 Karma's a bitch isn't it. Be happy you didn't get yourself or someone else killed, asshole.
-0.862 It appears you really want to argue about which one is worse and viciously attack others because of differing viewpoints.
-0.852 Instead of listening to your peers and fellow Americans you would much rather belittle, insult and attack them.
-0.837 When I say shit, you say post SHIT
-0.828 I wouldn't say Church street is notorious, maybe for this shit, but people hype it up to be some dangerous drug area.
-0.827 I know that for some of his tricks, when Chris Angel puts needles and shit through his body, he's really putting that shit through his body.
-0.827 How could we possibly have elected that corrupt, evil, satanic, liar? Wait, we didn't.
-0.823 Holy crap that was terrifying. Also I was confused for the longest time before realizing I was reading the text backwards
-0.818 First you growl at the kid, put the real fear of psychopathic killer into them .
-0.807 What kind of stupid fucking idiot does that?
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