Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.923 Don't get me wrong, their flexibility is super impressive, but was that really the best way?
0.896 The last successful fruit was pear, it's time for us to try some different fruity treats again. Cheese is their true love though.
0.796 I love to see good yo-yoing.
0.787 I don't understand how pissing someone off is funny, regardless of whether or not someone is hurt.
0.784 Like you said, it's easy to say something like that before it's actually happened.
0.758 She's also a pretty impressive lifter.
0.743 This sub is about girls doing surprising cool things and appreciating them.
0.735 I was pretty surprised at that as well.
0.733 SUPER SLOW MO "DID I- DID IT GO IIIIN???" *looks around "AHAHAHAHAH"
0.727 lol *crossfit athlete* Not impressive tbh.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.872 I say again, do you know for sure that this animal is being horribly kept in captivity against it's ignorant will by terribly selfish humans?
-0.791 Therefore I find no necessity to defend Americunts when someone attempts to offend them (oh shit, see what I did there?
-0.751 It is important to me that people know that this would be illegal in California. It is illegal to own nunchucks in California.
-0.718 Worst part is that my arm makes a damn fine pillow.
-0.710 there's a whole *host* of other things to look at besides size to pick out somebody's bullshit when they claim to have a high or even low content wolfdog.
-0.708 Stealing isnt very cool
-0.678 That is an absolutely ridiculous argument.
-0.612 Downvoted for Karate kid-looking blond douchebag
-0.599 It's annoying that he feels the need to impose his opinion over her lifestyle, making it all about him - "call me when...".
-0.586 Never met a women with crazy long hair that didn't also have a crazy personality.
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