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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.972 You know, I've said it before, but I really love how trans positive this sub is in spite of being called 2X chromosomes. Basically this trans sister loves you all :) heh heh, trans-sister XD
0.956 My wife does not do church but I think that would be a great place to meet people, any other "groups" in the area that share same interests are a great place to meet people...
0.952 Well I wish you luck in figuring out your emotions, sounds like you have some support with your therapist and a strong desire to grow.
0.945 You are better off with someone that will love and support you - who you can love and support - through tough times.
0.930 They are pretty reasonable. The NHS is pretty great to be honest.
0.925 Luckily, I have a wonderful friend who is taking care of her until I return home.
0.920 Experience joy!" "Hey, feel happy right now, do it!" and went home feeling like they'd accomplished some real good.
0.920 I hope you stay strong and I wish you all the best in moving on.
0.916 We are beautiful because we are loved." If you think you're ugly...go be so good to someone that they love you.
0.915 On the one hand, it's great money is getting donated to Planned Parenthood... On the other hand, wouldn't all this money become just a huge tax deduction for him?

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.970 As much as I hate this I don't think porn can be blamed any more than violence can be blamed on violent movies like Kill Bill.
-0.960 > "No offense but let me just attack your character directly." FTFY Sorry, shes a vile woman and has her hands in all sorts of shady shit for the sake of money.
-0.957 Just because you disagree with him doesn't mean you should curse him. I believe abortion is a necessary evil in cases of severe medical abnormality, rape, incest etc.
-0.955 like abuse, rape and murder, there is no "sometimes", it's either right or wrong.
-0.955 A young girl that was raped might hear a police officer encouraging women not to dress a certain way to avoid being raped and start to wonder if that was why she was raped and that is awful.
-0.947 He never mentioned her and when they met, he just lied to me and told me he was doing something different. You know what, fuck privacy if its a cheating and lying idiot.
-0.945 He is breaking the law that is one of the most detestable things in the world to the point that the worst of the worst criminals in prison are out to get you.
-0.935 Having rape fantasies is not the same thing as wanting someone to violently rape you.
-0.927 I am not aware of the minutia here but I would imagine that, seeing as the fetus will die anyway, it is often knowingly killed as part of the procedure.
-0.925 I would rather a cop feel bad about something he said than a rape victim feel like it maybe WAS her fault that she got raped since she probably drank too much at that party.
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