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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.936 There's a very big difference between friend love and romantic love.
0.923 You might think that, because it's a compliment, it's okay to make a joke like this, but in reality you're appropriating every culture because only female PoC's can be kind and considerate.
0.912 Background checking is so easy now thanks to them giving all their political views and history out for free.
0.906 Americans prize perfectly straight teeth that are bright enough to guide ships into harbour at night.
0.900 Happy Non- Denominational Winter Gift- Giving Holiday!
0.893 Good luck man, hope things get better for you.
0.891 Mostly people if they do care, think it's pretty interesting like you say.
0.886 Great band names are an unintended benefit of TiA.
0.881 Ah, sweet, sweet karma, how I love you
0.881 I'm no Satanist, but I had a talk with a Satanist I met, and the tl;dr they gave me was basically: Put your own happiness first, and don't impede on others' happiness.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.957 This is you being skeptical of whether something horribly traumatic is actually as horribly traumatic as the victims in this thread have described it.
-0.952 > We're out here tryna fight racism and we don't understand what race or racism is No *you* don't understand what racism is.
-0.941 Sure, but black slavery is waaaaay more recent, and we still feel the effects of it in today's America. White slavery can't really compare.
-0.936 Next time, you'll think twice before self defense raping a poor helpless violent woman.
-0.923 You think thats bad I had a professor in college who told us porn leads to rape the same way video games lead to violence.
-0.918 All dumbass reasons of course, but if you're worried about reasons 2, 5 and 6 then you are too stupid and gullible to deal with people in any capacity.
-0.917 I highly doubt that many rapists just suddenly go primal and start raping.
-0.896 I have panic disorder with depersonalization, derealization, and disassociation, and I find it difficult to tell people because I feel they will question the legitimacy of my panic disorder...
-0.884 SPAM was created to keep the over privileged dirty white British Russian and Americans soldiers fed so they could save the world from fascism so you can bitch about white people you racist fuck.
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