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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.951 The best and brightest running our country? Obviously there is a corrupting influence in that bubble, and a strong tendency to favour wealthy families.
0.932 I may be misinterpreting your tone or your intention, but it's not for a lack of good will on my part. Hope your day gets better from here.
0.929 If it felt like it was pretty easy to find that 8.9 in the first place, I would call the odds as pretty good.
0.917 On some great and glorious day the plain folks of the land will reach their heart's desire at last and the White House will be adorned by a downright moron."*
0.914 Would anyone in his right mind organize schools this way if all they cared about was what's best for kids?" Basically we protect bad teachers rather than reward good ones.
0.911 I'm sure that's true in many cases, but gaining a lot of sudden wealth tends to make you lose most of your friends from what I've seen.
0.895 An academic that creates amazing educational experiences, that really cares for their students and devotes all their attention to them will soon be unemployed.
0.893 To me, though, it seems like a wonderful example of healthy discourse as people discuss what the support and oppose over a subject matter.
0.888 Someone you know has taken a very bold step in trying to improve their experience of life and you tell them you liked them better before?
0.871 This raises some really interesting ethical considerations of humanitarian vaccination campaigns--do you help fewer people with a proven method, or take a risk to *maybe* help more?

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.926 Should they have instead shut up and listened to the justifications racist and violent leaders made for their immoral repression of their country?
-0.922 While it's understandable that he's serving prison time for his terrorist affiliation, it's wrong to cut him off from his wife and child.
-0.917 I think very few people truly said to themselves "I'm an evil racist bastard that wants to make life miserable for minorities" as they pulled the lever.
-0.908 if you need the government to ban shit because you can't control yourself and you have no common sense, that's your fucking problem.
-0.905 Those people deserve our resources and time--these "reformed" terrorists deserve a bullet to the head. If ISIS had been slightly more fun, these evil shits would still be out there hurting people.
-0.904 I hate the developmentally disabled. I'm racist because I though Obama was a bad choice.
-0.903 You can't get more meta than losing credibility with fake news about "fake news." In short, a half-baked fact check system on social media is not adequate to improve this issue.
-0.895 I don't know how old you are or how many intimate relationships you've had with people, but it really is upsetting how many people have experienced sexual assault.
-0.893 The article specifies one woman that was sexually assaulted and quotes her at becoming upset over a public discussion about rape culture.
-0.893 BAN free speech, BAN guns, BAN lotteries.
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