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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.980 > I would like them action needs its own Best Picture award, They do, Best Visual Effects has sort of become the Best Blockbuster award these days.
0.971 Yea, that's what winning awards like these and best film at the Berlin Festival which Taxi won will help with.
0.970 The other force is his desire for family, his initial acceptance of his "brother" and most importantly his love for his son. And the truth is that Daniel did truly love H.W.
0.970 Surely, with brilliant directing, exhilarating set pieces, strong world building and a good cast means it's in contention for the "best"? What you say about love is an interesting point.
0.969 I absolutely loved him in Galaxy Quest, such a funny part he played in a great movie. He was great in everything else I saw him in too; can never forget about Die Hard.
0.963 He is clearly a talented filmmaker with an excellent use of VFX and great camera work and the ability to construct an excellent action scene.
0.958 I won't say how much I pledged, but I will say that woodcut portrait sounds pretty damn sweet :) Good luck!
0.957 Super is a great example of an independent super hero film that didn't go broke on action and effects either.
0.957 The centrifuge and the pen are great out of movie effects, while the glorious Star-Gate sequence is one of the best in-movie effects, if not one of the best scenes ever made.
0.955 What makes so many Bond films great is that the *villains* are the real heroes of the story: a great villain makes you sympathetic, and makes you almost wish to see them win.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.972 Strange days is also a distinctly mediocre inclusion. Also, why Evil Dead and not the far superior Evil Dead 2?
-0.963 I cried too, my friend, I cried cries I haven't cried since Paul Walker died in that horrible, regrettable accident some few months ago.
-0.951 I don't think he deserves any racism flak, neither for lines like "dead nigger storage" nor for entire movies like Django.
-0.944 Ill open a Samba Tapas restaurant _if I goddamn please_! **Rogue One: A Star Wars Story** directed by Gareth Edwards Its easily the worst live-action Star Wars movie up to this point.
-0.944 Check out his books Your Movie Sucks and I Hated, Hated, Hated this Movie.
-0.941 Not sure if it's been mentioned or if it's even that obscure but Tetsuo: The Iron Man was a bizarre and macabre journey into body horror hell.
-0.941 To add insult, Americans sent the Japanese Americans to war while raping the Japanese women in internment camps as well as Japanese women in Japan after World War 2 ended.
-0.941 It's about a murderer named Mark who records his victims' terrified expressions as they die.
-0.939 I mean, here's my big problem with existentialism - it ignores that evil is a *real* problem, and that evil is basically a fundamental part of the human spirit.
-0.939 >I mean, here's my big problem with existentialism - it ignores that evil is a real problem, and that evil is basically a fundamental part of the human spirit.
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