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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.992 I got hugs, I got big hugs, little hugs, old hugs, young hugs, sriracha hugs, mint hugs, 2.4 Ghz hugs, 5.0 Ghz hugs, red hugs, blue hugs, hug hugs, etc hugs.
0.968 AAGHH SO CUTE Thanks for giving some furry friends a lovely home :)
0.964 They're so unique, you're like an anorexic gorilla." "uh" "WOW I DIDN'T MEAN IT LITERALLY GOD WHY WOULD YOU TAKE OFFENCE TO MY PERFECTLY INNOCENT COMPLIMENT"
0.961 I lost at that point, but it was fun and, amazingly enough, a lot of the people were so kind and supportive and cheered me on.
0.960 I inherited many things from my mother but the amazing ability to wrap any present and make it look gorgeous is definitely not one of them.
0.956 Yeah, it's not even close We're all just so positive here :) I upvote pretty freely across reddit - but only here is does it ever seem to be reciprocated! I LOVE U GUYS TOO!!!
0.955 We were together for three years and had an amazing, trusting, deeply respectful, loving, honest relationship.
0.954 > Saying "yours eyes are pretty" is definitely a compliment. So is "I love your weird gangly arms." Saying "I like your [anything]" is a compliment.
0.942 Third party voting is super important right now, especially with Trump having fractured his party, it makes a 3rd party vote in a non purple state more powerful than ever.
0.940 We are sorry for the mess we just started, but trust me when I say this election has inspired a lot of people to get out and be the best they can be.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.974 :C why won't you tolerate my racism, i just want to kill all the non-whites, what's so bad about that :C bawwwww you facists!!!
-0.932 Everything hurts and im afraid to eat incase i oull stitches and my mouth bleeds again:( The pain killers are just doing enough to keep the pain bearable.
-0.923 My mom's probably going to let her hatred of Hillary Clinton control who she's voting for but UGH it's so gross!
-0.913 > She told me I was insulting her by disagreeing with her Being insulted because someone disagrees with her is a very childish and self-centered attitude to have.
-0.910 It's been such a journey unlearning all that shit and realizing that the rapists and abusers are outliers, and that there are decent men in the world.
-0.896 PEOPLE ARE GOING TO DIE. Shut the fuck up with your ideological purity and try to recognize that we're done with pissing matches.
-0.893 A lot of people are hurt, terrified, and angry.
-0.890 Maybe I just watch too many TV shows but the symbolism seemed more self punishing :(
-0.889 My point isn't that backhanded compliments are bad, therefore all compliments are bad.
-0.888 Moral of the story is, as much as it sucks, you have to let yourself feel the icky, painful, awful, sad feelings.
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