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0.963 I mean I thought it was funny but the GT definitely goes more than 75 miles on a tank and it's pretty much in line with the rest of the super cars from its day
0.962 looks like you love Argentina, we love you too <3 <3 <3
0.944 may has been my favorite for a very long time now, he has a lot of great shows besides top gear and he seems like a truly nice and down to earth person.
0.939 Clarkson is the type of friend who might not be the most stable but he seems like he would be a genuinely loyal friend.
0.937 > Well, there will come a point in his life where he will want to be seen as wise and mature Yeah, maybe he'll inherit the position of the old, wise and mature Clarkson.
0.936 That's great fun of a show. ps Extra Gear is a web only spin off from Top Gear where they shoot the shit and are much more relaxed.
0.932 Im a bit into cars, their humour is great, but I don't want to watch 40 minutes of stuff that I barely care about, just to have a hilarious scene like this once.
0.931 I like his brand of comedy; it's not Brit, sure, but it's at least better than the zilch amount of humour Evans brings along, and I actually find it funny.
0.930 Truth is I'm a car guy first, but it's nice to be entertained, to laugh some and even learn about new cars and automotive history.
0.929 This trailer is EXACTLY what I wanted to see, some great cinematography, awesome cars, but most importantly, the trio being themselves and being brilliant.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.963 It was anything but a dull ride after the veterans from the Falklands war went apeshit and tried to kill the crew and their police escort because they thought the Porsche plate was meant to taunt.
-0.941 Mom died, divorce, fired, cancer scare.
-0.935 "what the fucking hell are you you great gangly fuck knuckle twat greasy haired cuntbag FUCK YOU!"
-0.932 I can't help but laugh because Chris Evans sucks so much ass.
-0.927 but a lot of ppl died in that war and it really affected us.
-0.919 Fuck you die in hell pussy
-0.917 Let alone saying you hate him so much you'd rather watch a shitty movie about shitty people fisting each other in the bungholes.
-0.914 Fuck fuck fuck I missed it.
-0.912 Clarkson lives the dream, while you are a pathetic loser slothing around on reddit. OP is a dumb cunt.
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