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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.954 yeah I definitely agree with the romantic direction, when you're first meeting someone I feel you need to focus on having fun and seeing how things go. I'll keep everything in mind, thanks :)
0.938 Can get overly excited about a good dessert, but loves to compensate that with sport as well. Thanks!
0.927 I only have 2 selfies but if you're good at convo and making people laugh it's easy enough to make it work
0.900 There are lots of podcasts about race and sex out there that are super good, I recommend giving any number of them a shot.
0.892 Ok, I'm just throwing out ideas here, but I got a push notification that I got super liked yesterday, then got at *least* 10 blue profiles.
0.891 Yeah that definitely sounds like a british thing to do lmao!
0.888 Before the Internet people used to write xoxo at the the bottom of letters and notes which meant hugs and kisses.
0.883 Giving a girl your number is like going fishing and just dropping bait off the side of the boat in hopes that a fish will grab it and then jump into your boat out of gratitude.
0.883 Aging does not make you ugly by default, if you take care of yourself you can age like a good wine.
0.878 I see what combo scores the best results and I stick with it, I have actually had good luck figuring out what works.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.964 She can basically say "fuck you, you piece of shit, worthless pathetic waste of skin come fuck me" and I'd do it just because.
-0.921 When you are at a funeral, but your dick rise from the dead
-0.906 Nah, they'll send you to fake jail, in which they fake rape you.
-0.906 Girls are on tinder for "deez nuts" who the hell thinks offering them bitter black poison water would ever be okay?
-0.902 "Your parents will hate me; your neighbors will hate me; eventually, you will hate me.
-0.875 Let your mutual friends know that he is the kind of person that calls strangers "skank whores" and "dumb sluts" when they doesn't agree to sleep with him before meeting him in public first.
-0.859 The victim would begin crying and enter a state of deep psychic pain and emotional shock.
-0.857 Fuck off, it was a shitty bio but shit, I get laid bro.
-0.853 Just "liking Asian women" isn't a problem but "looking to the cure for your yellow fever" is insulting, objectifying, and racist.
-0.844 Sometimes a real life person dressed as one of those grim reapers would carefully appear then proceed to toward the victim and start cutting her and inflicting physical pain.
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