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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.972 It feels like after they fixed the no xp but for the nice, great, excellent throws, that they do provide a bonus now.
0.967 Doesn't add up for me, it's rather obvious and logical that the Nice, Great and Excellent throws are purely for XP bonus, and your research kinda makes that statement stronger.
0.961 Farewell. [Spark:] Overall your version 1.7.0/0.37.0 update is really strong! Its best quality is its buddy system. Its minor text fixes is great, too! Its stats are the best I've ever seen!
0.958 I'm so happy that everything worked out for the best in the end :) I agree with your decisions on how to best use the funds raised.
0.957 This might take a lot of work, but I think it's your best bet to make sure every possible variable favors hatching or catching Lapras. Travel across the land trainer :D
0.955 Like I said, totally depends on all the details, but please please please don't let them bully you into paying without at least doing a free consultation with an attorney first.
0.946 Go on the other hand is a GREAT opportunity to actually go out with friends to play and capture elsewhere, maybe grab lunch or dinner and keep going.
0.943 Smaller sample size than I would like to see, but definitely the best analysis thus far, good work.
0.943 :D Congratulations on the super fast lucky hatch!
0.942 This is so fun XD I upvoted everything in this thread XD

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.953 I thought I was just going out to have some fun but about 12 hours in it hit me that I was running away from the pain of recently losing my 4 year old niece to a 2 year battle with cancer.
-0.944 Losers and cheaters abandon train, haters gonna hate.
-0.917 I think it was just a fluke actually, vulipx stopped spawning in ridiculous amounts and the magnemite are back, disappointed though because I was so damn hyped about having a local vulpix nest :(
-0.902 I hate you, I hate you, I hate you...
-0.901 I can confirm the nest much more quickly now. * At home, with no stops nearby: THIS IS TERRIBLE AND I HATE IT
-0.893 "Cmon buddy!" Flop, Flop, Drag, Drag, Flop, Flop
-0.891 Battle was over after the first charge attack with about 25% damage taken per fight. Amazing trick and really stupid mechanic...
-0.888 Fighting-type quick moves are bad, many of the gen 1 fighting-type Pokemon are bad, and they have bad matchups with the abundant psychic- and poison-types running around.
-0.886 I wouldn't mind the loads of jumping out, or the hard-to-hit part alone, but COMBINED it's freaking cruel.
-0.886 No whining, no threatening, just addressing the problem as an adult and figuring out a way to handle it.
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