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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.946 Can you imagine how would they treat a Trump supporter saying "well, Trump won the popular vote and Hillary only won the electoral please don't hate".
0.943 And TRP is a very great step in that, because you go from "I can't fuck for shit" to "I fuck so much I don't give a shit anymore".
0.939 So I'm not going to explain its value, but rather I'm going to share my opinion. Clearly judging the community's interest in this topic, it's something they wish to discuss.
0.932 Growing up I saw Gatsby as this charming, rich, and romantic man that I wanted to be like.
0.932 She unknowingly taught me a great number of lessons I'll carry with me for the rest of my life, and I'm honestly thankful for that since it drives me to be a better person.
0.922 Granted, I'm only 25, but I drink on the weekends and I think given how strong I am, my testosterone levels are good and I'm stronger than many other people my age.
0.917 Saying that "being great" is most important in life is like saying that apples are the best tasting fruit.
0.917 Not sure if neegan is a very good alpha role model but it is nice he has such a good time playing with Lucille.
0.909 It's totally fine to say things like that about men, because they don't get oppressed by beauty statndards like women do.
0.906 I'm pretty strong, body fat is around 10.5% and cardio is good enough, although could improve.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.943 Did you stop watching porn as you choke your lizard imagining that you're the motherfucker who pumps that bitch so hard? Swallowing the pill is the start.
-0.938 And I'm advising you that no amount of education, no amount of stating that it's unfair that women get raped, no amount of moralising will stop this.
-0.929 She taught me hypergamy, the unfair nature of the hamster, shit tests, false rape accusations, and she also taught me just how BP I was once it was over.
-0.922 But I don't think you can discuss rape without acknowledging that rape convictions are extremely difficult to get .
-0.920 They want to blame anything but themselves, therefore we stick to the "some people put the hard work and fail, therefore it has to be their bad luck for failing" narrative.
-0.915 Evaluate the experience of lifting instead, this motherfucker had the balls of getting himself into a gym after being a scrawny fuck and yet people mock him for only lifting 5kg.
-0.914 >Ego is the enemy I liked that book but a complementary and more actionable one with similar premise is "Your Own Worst Enemy: Breaking the Habit of Adult Underachievement" by Ken Christian.
-0.910 Afterwards she promptly started seeing the guy she cheated on me with and even hamstered a crazy story about how I was abusive when I didn't lay a hand on her.
-0.908 I noticed all of you that complain and shit all are addicted to this site and shit, maybe a little jealous too?
-0.901 We are more likely to die of cancer than fighting a bear.
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