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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.874 Well, [this] *is* my favorite accessory but until my honor is restored I cannot wear it.
0.859 Also, Yon Rah is a truly despicable person and I agree this was a great episode for Katara.
0.831 This is super cute!!!
0.820 2, 23, and 28 are my favorites, but these are all great.
0.813 Looks beautiful and clear, but is the sound improved at all?
0.811 There are so many great lines and gags, I can't tell which one is my favorite.
0.807 It has a very good ending which is definitely foreshadowing, and, as Sokka said at the end of the episode, the effects were decent for a play at the time and place.
0.806 I'd love to see more material like this!
0.791 It's the perfect way for a show to poke fun at itself, and wrap up the story before the comet arrives.
0.772 I've loved following the progress of this project.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.923 I know it's TV-Y7, and if it was an off-screen stab with TV-PG it would still be too violent, but it would be rather interesting if one of the villains just died.
-0.710 lmaoooo I cracked up the first time but when he did the same thing later in the series when they went back I died
-0.636 Ummm, what else...I guess I thought it'd be better if the consequences for Mai's betrayal were much more dire.
-0.624 *Trips and drops salt* Oops sorry my bad!
-0.612 I can't find much to say about this episode, except that I think Yon Rah is one of the saddest characters in fiction I've seen.
-0.591 I guess it makes sense to have recap episodes when people are watching one episode per week over the course of...I dunno how long ATLA ran, but I binged it, so I just didn't care at all.
-0.579 The fight on the gondola is one of my favorites, but I think that Sokka should have stabbed Azula.
-0.572 He now gets to continue to live in the shadow of what he once was and wallow in his pathetic home life he got in his retirement.
-0.527 But hentai is another matter. Anyhow, I think it was just a bad example.
-0.511 I feel legitimately depressed just looking at him.
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