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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.957 I know people are saying this one is pregnant, but one of the things I love about great whites is that they're so pudgy and funny looking.
0.927 If by chance a sperm whale is reading this...I just want you to know that I love you and hope for the best.
0.926 Honestly, this guy was a great laugh and all around nice guy.
0.912 Sounds terrifying but awesome XD I didn't know that these guys turned up as close to NZ
0.904 It's mostly cheap, dirty, slapstick comedy, but then they'll pull a 180 and throw a super smart and nerdy joke out.
0.895 > I've been around long enough to know that nearly every statement prefaced by "fun fact!" is not actually very fun Fun fact!
0.894 No whale scientist, but I do love science news, especially about animal intelligence.
0.894 I love that it stays appropriately creepy but is still adorable and funny too.
0.892 I work with animals, and the idea of them being totally creepy but also adorable is super accurate.
0.891 Just been so busy outside of the art scene! Yeah, I love RJ's work; incredible detail and I certainly agree that he takes more of an "animal" approach to his.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.983 "Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit, shit, shit, shit, shit" -the crab
-0.959 Fuck this shit man, fuck shit shit!
-0.951 If it remains stuck under there, it could drown, and even something as simple and vile as this can feel the fear of death.
-0.950 Pissed me off to know end, I was about to start reeling it up off the water when the mother fuckers snatched it off my line- fuck I'm pissed again thinking about it.
-0.941 Otters, despite being cute and cuddly, will often rape baby harbor seals to death by holding them under the water until they drown.
-0.940 Then the bosses used that to inflate his achievement, but every men was dead so no one complained.
-0.932 Call me crazy, but I hate to see these guys killed.
-0.930 People are always harping about how seals desperately want to murder people, what are the actual stats on seal attacks or death by seal?
-0.922 If it wanted to kill me, it wouldn't have to bite me or anything cause I'd just shit myself to death.
-0.922 Besides actual equipment failure and getting lost, panic is the killer.
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