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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.969 Ok- wish one: I wish that a beautiful kind sexy naked woman would sit down on my lap and present me with a check for $2 million which I could only redeem by fucking the shit out of her...
0.969 Let's hope it's a better year just looking at your posts makes the beginning of my year better your body is absolutely beautiful in all your posts are always gorgeous thank you for sharing
0.953 Yeah but you also show your pretty titties - still super hot pic!!! :)
0.950 The third wish I'd either waste on "world peace" or sharing a super delicious giant sized pizza with spicy red sauce, loads of pepperoni, and linguisa - with my two favorite Franks...
0.950 I feel like this is one of those things where you say "That's super interesting" because you stopped paying attention, lol. But yes, I think more ass pictures would be nice as well :D
0.938 Well it was actually pretty good, thanks to your posts ;-) Cheers to 2017!
0.936 its ok buddy, you can keep imagining eating your fav girls farts all you'd like i'll stick to the better looking woman, without horrible ass tattoos
0.935 Yes yes yes yes yes yes.
0.935 I'm sorry, friend, I didn't mean to get you defensive. I wasn't saying don't compliment her, she is gorgeous. I'm just saying, be careful when deploying compliments that are that powerful.
0.935 Good to see you're getting better and better TW :) Also, obligatory: Great Tits!

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.964 Fuck that cunt who messed with you, shes obviously an insecure and pathetic twat.
-0.946 She became a mod at asstastic again, Correct me if I'm wrong, but that is a violation of Reddit site rules and grounds for her bitchiness to be banned from Reddit is it not?
-0.938 I mean the crash itself I could handle, but the embarrassment of trying to hide my boner as the EMTs cut me out of the wreckage would destroy me!
-0.904 It's the difference between killing someone accidentally and killing them on purpose
-0.900 Some retard on r/league decided to ban my account because he thought that gorilla in a name was racist.
-0.888 Damnit damnit damnit!
-0.872 And death because I would smother you and steal your wallet
-0.869 I fucked up and looked at your comment history. Now I have cancer.
-0.848 Ass and fishnets kill me....
-0.844 Killer ass!
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