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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.942 Great chopstick super excited wish I could have said thank you!
0.927 You can try, but it is a common phenomenon that happens when we've been separated from our guns and freedom to long. Pro tip: Most American embassies have a freedom room.
0.920 I'll admit he wasn't looking his best, but she was pretty nice about it anyway, said she hopes he gets better and even apologized for acting disgusted.
0.892 You said she would share but she isn't sharing." "I'll go talk to her sweetheart, don't worry.
0.875 I wasn't even there when he moved it, I was bagging 2 registers down... Of course in the same day another one told me I was pretty and that my name is gorgeous lol.
0.873 I just hope my own advice comforts me when someone inevitably blows their top at *me* :P
0.872 I know dementia gets mentioned a lot, but this sounds a great deal like my father in his early stages of it.
0.859 Like half way through I was like this kid is smart lol
0.852 I definitely appreciate the enjoyment!
0.848 Wow, what a great obviously not completely made up story!

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.891 In the US that would be Assault on a an enforcement officer and could be punishable by instant death.
-0.880 I don't even work in retail, but when I was pregnant I had to develop a real resting bitch face because so many damn people kept touching me.
-0.869 All governments are evil, but a necessary evil.
-0.867 And there's no item limit except at the dead self checkout where the limit is 10, but it's useless because literally no one goes there with more than 10 items anyway.
-0.859 They are such little shits because their parents give zero fucks and are shitty people.
-0.840 His odd behavior started in his 60's and got worse from there until he eventually died of complications due to Alzheimers.
-0.829 If you are talking about the story, then I've got bad news for you buddy, this shit is common in retail.
-0.807 The fuck is wrong with people, seriously.
-0.802 I noticed and I have no idea how to reattach the poor guy's limb :(
-0.800 It angers me that *anyone* would be so thoughtless.
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