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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.915 All as good or better than Shia Islam, the best of the Muslim faiths.
0.896 i hope your superior mental powers one day lead you to the conclusion that compassion for your own students might be worthwhile
0.887 but Belgian stew is great so all is forgiven.
0.886 A true Reddit Hero would tip 0% and leave a euphoric note about tips being extortion.
0.881 I do agree that they should have included the truth about Trump as well but honestly, there is so much about him everyway that I feel like they would just repeat everything else said.
0.881 This is all behavior that is not just perpetrated by the left, it is promoted and encouraged. Again T_D is not a place of hate and I hope you can come around to seeing that.
0.878 Yes, it's hard for men too, and men do have some unique gender challenges, but trust me, on average y'all get the *much* better end of the deal.
0.875 PS Here's to you becoming unkissless and devirginized, if that's what you want, in the coming year, along with every other success you hope for coming true!
0.875 > They have their fucking freedom of speech and their freedom of assembly.
0.872 If you are working class and you vote for classic right wing or populist right wing parties you are voting against your best interest.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.976 Both subs are full of people who have no problem slinging the worst of personal insults because "no bad tactics, only bad targets." FUCK 'em.
-0.960 A four-year-old can be taught to fire a gun by a warlord, should they be treated as a war criminal if they are coerced to murder?
-0.959 "Here lies the body of William Day Who died preserving his right of way. He was right, dead right, as he sailed along But he's just as dead as if he'd been wrong"
-0.940 I don't think we'll have to worry about violent AI rebelling against us, what we do have to worry about is AIs allowing war to become sanitized and allowing it to be prolonged.
-0.932 The phrases about beating a dead horse have been beaten to death themselves.
-0.929 Let me just say I always knew this guy was BAD BAD BAD news.
-0.922 Maybe it's just that I'm old, but if I don't have a few nice big servings of veggies a day, I feel like shit, and I shit like shit.
-0.920 I asked you to provide some thing showing that T_D is full of hate and you fail, simply attacking me ad hominem and being generally spiteful.
-0.918 I know hating hardcore on antivaxxers is a circlejerk, but this is one dead horse I'll never quit beating until people stop endangering their kids out of misguided fear.
-0.895 Not because it's bad, though it is bad, no because it's fucking boring.
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