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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.930 Well, I'm just refuting the 40 games argument :P Linux does prevent you from playing a lot of AAA titles, but if you don't miss those you could clearly be happy just playing what's available.
0.920 Just got to level 20 thanks to the new free badge, and I'm pretty happy that I finally got to add more to my profile.
0.908 its a pretty bad game, but makes a great gag gift for friends.
0.904 Freedom Planet - A platformer heavily inspired by 2D Sonic with amazing gameplay, visuals and music.
0.892 uhmm ok i will usubscribe if that will make you and your preciuos little commuty feel safer . you can now enjoy your supremacy over a illiterate in peace.
0.878 Honestly, it sounds like he's giving you a pretty decent deal.
0.870 Kotor 1. I was about 16 and I never used steam before, but I remember loving kotor as a little kid so I wanted to play it again.
0.868 > it's a good game because devs did a thing? Does a single positive review *have to* mean the game is good?
0.850 E* As for the games you mentioned; Never played EVE: Online, but I'm consistently made aware that it's got a huge barrier to entry in the form of being super statistic heavy.
0.846 A nice discount on Borderlands 2 GOTY to play with my GF would be GREAT. Also: - Stellaris - No Man's Sky - Skyrim - and Diablo III: Reaper of Souls. Gaben plz.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.910 I have no plans on cheating and vac banned, I am more concern about the hijacking or stealing my account.
-0.909 where the fuck is my fucking essay you stupid whore ?
-0.905 I can't play stellaris in fucking ironman mode now that steam is dead, fucking hell. Steeeeeeeeeeam
-0.896 They're probably just some shitty zitfaced teens looking to stir up some shit and draw attention / be shitty little trolls.
-0.894 Game is good but dead as fuck.
-0.866 Still, wouldn't mind if these annoying cunts were arrested.
-0.866 They did once, bunch of MW2 players got banned by mistake or something, valve gave them all Left 4 Dead 2.
-0.843 No more room in hell, it's basically a free left for dead
-0.839 where is my fucking essay you stupid whore ?
-0.823 :( Why did you kill steam?
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