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0.943 love, love, LOVE the new addition of *Tomorrow* makes you want more!
0.940 I think them continuing to use him pretty much shows they like him, they just need to give him something worthwhile. I also kind of like Blake, he can be a pretty good smug/douchey heel.
0.939 Ambrose makes a deal about getting title match, comes out to help Ellsworth get title, and then congratulates him with something like "Great job, champ, enjoy your title...
0.935 This is why Undertaker is my absolute favorite wrestler of all time. Loves kids, a legend inside as outside the ring and just an awesome all around guy. My inspiration.
0.935 i feel this feud can go a bit longer, but i hope it isn't dragged into the ground -- oh this is WWE, who am i kidding at this point? I think it is safe to say we all loved the New Day entrance.
0.932 I hope they win the wwe title and free bird rule the shit out of it
0.931 She's truly excellent at conveying emotions and she's pretty good in the ring, but the fandom surrounding her just seems super over the top and creepy to me.
0.931 Because nowadays heels are some of the best workers on the roster so fans will cheer them in appreciation of their talent
0.928 And Ellsworth it's very funny, he looks funny, he's booked as funny guy, and he works great as underdog.
0.928 More, I'm glad they didn't do with Dean's IC title reign what they're doing with Reigns' US title run. The top champion needs to *stay* the top champion.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.960 I don't usually come here and bitch like the rest of you guys during shows, but that fake injury spot just killed the bad ass momentum this match had in the first minute or so.
-0.947 DUMB DUMB DUMB. That was the dumbest thing I've ever fucking seen. You were in a hold for 2 fucking minutes and couldn't last for another 2-3 seconds?
-0.931 Did tripe H say fuck you mother fucker when he did the DX chops??
-0.926 Terrorist attack followed by on-air child rape
-0.917 I don't want Miz to lose his title, but damn it all to hell Dolph just sold me on him all over again.
-0.902 Thought he was a crazy old fucker who would end up killing someone in the ring.
-0.902 Hell, even typing this comment I'm worried someone's gonna run along and shout racist at me. Bleh, sorry for ranting on a bit.
-0.896 the guys that were chanting "YOU SCREWED BRET" failed terribly
-0.896 Everything I've heard or read about him makes him come off as a bit of a jerk, be it getting into fights with Sin Cara, or just being relatively unpleasant in general.
-0.888 fuck he's done a lot of stupid shit.
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