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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.947 I can point to facts for hours without being heard but hear one Einstein on TV say that hot water is good for healthy and that turns into TRUTH you wouldn't doubt oh no
0.945 Now that you've gained his trust + admiration, we can con him!) Because you're so smart you should invest in my go fund me so that I can write a book to help people not get scammed!
0.943 I saw the article yesterday, but I wonder is it such a surprise? Isn't it very obvious that making someone laugh and entertaining them with quality storytelling makes them like you more?
0.940 I've learned a lot as well and have made some great friends, a few of which have made the jump from Internet friend to in person friend.
0.938 This is fantastic, and I'm sure that some folks in this sub will say "stealing" or "unethical" but the reality is, awesome job getting some one to give you something you want for free.
0.936 I just wish everything else didn't come with the territory lol Cheers, and maybe see you on kik hahaha :P
0.916 Wow really fascinating stuff, not just about cheating but the perspective shift students were encouraged to undergo in order to understand cyberwarfare better.
0.914 It's super interesting to read the surprise of a man seeing what it's like to be treated like a vessel.
0.910 in the article, the writer talks about how she and the guy she's with now deliberately chose to fall in love with each other, which is pretty great.
0.910 It's pretty easy to be kind, and smiling while being abrupt and direct about your needs.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.955 I don't know his history, but I'll bet he has one hell of a violent temper.
-0.946 Dead. This deception, combined with a wholly controlled conventional media, is getting millions of people killed and destroying millions more lives.
-0.934 I hate zionists and shit like this just reinforces my disgust of them and should lead others to realize how fucked these people are.
-0.929 It's the old people who remember being on the brink of nuclear war out of fear of living under a Soviet surveillance police state that think trading away our privacy out of fear is stupid.
-0.914 but some fuckers are beyond belief with how disgustingly they view women.
-0.907 This other part-time employee looked SCARED TO DEATH at the register so I asked her what was wrong.
-0.906 Both my chats state in the name "no hook ups" It's a pain in the ass dealing with the floods of disrespectful men who think waving an unsolicited dick pix makes girls cream.
-0.900 Useless and vitriolic troll by a youtube comment section user who disagrees violently with both points
-0.899 I've done this in the past, but one downside is, after a while you just get every spam in multiple copies from all the leaked addresses. I got lazy and use only one address now.
-0.893 If you got sick of people trying to scam you, you should have tried to scam them.
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