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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.986 You must be thrilled :) I'm so happy for you :) Take care and I wish you all the best taking care of your lovely skin :) *Nana internet hug*
0.981 you look amazing :) love your eyes :) that scar is part of your character, adds more beauty to your perfect face :) keep up your skin routine :)
0.972 I'm glad things are going better for you, because you have a beautiful smile that really lights up your face, and I'm glad you feel comfortable sharing that smile with the world again.
0.966 Haha glad I could catalyze the giggles ;) LOL THANKS FRIEND!!
0.963 You look great babe, and I'm so happy to see you smiling again, and your skin looks beautiful :)
0.962 That said I attribute a lot of my success regarding products to sebamed clear face care gel, it's amazing, soothing and I found it helped heal my skin a great deal.
0.962 You looked great before, but it's awesome to see your happiness and confidence grow over time.
0.962 i love your strawberry blond hair :) keep healthy and looking good :) Also, its pretty crazy how your eyes change from brown to green under different lighting :)
0.961 You posted in malehairadvice, but wow great hair and great skin now, what's next?
0.959 This is a really good and hopeful post and a method you don't see as often on here, thank you so much for sharing :) you're so pretty also!

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.955 Not to downplay your emotions but being suicidal because of your skin is... It's hard to word without it being mean, or horribly offensive, but I am not trying to be. It's...I mean.
-0.936 I blame stress - even when we don't think we are - we are experiencing stress at some level that will invariably pop out as something horrific on our skin :(
-0.933 Would you be crying out of heartbreak, or crying because of how much that would HURT?
-0.919 but if you were suicidal just because you had bad skin, you really need to see a therapist.
-0.918 Skincare can be SO complicated and SO confusing and SO DAMN FRUSTRATING.
-0.916 Scares the shit out of parents because of the suicidle warnings all over the damn packages, but other than that it's one hell of a drug.
-0.911 sadly not everyone can benefit from that such as me, and have to resort to liver killing pills such as accutane :(
-0.906 Why ignore it I see the this subtle racist shit posted all the time, no one ever calls it out because we are so used to it.
-0.901 Whenever shit starts up on my face after being clear for a while, it's always the worst most frustrating and helpless feeling.
-0.898 To some opinions you looked better in the first pic but fuck cancer.
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