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0.920 more likely it's a work in progress, wheels fit the cardboard perfectly, so they will probably mold the body kit to fit as well. Judging by the wheels, I guess this guy knows what he's doing.
0.906 oh wow, that's one of the best I've seen on here :) Bravo!
0.869 haha yeah I love the quick cut to it finally getting up there, never seen a dual engine mod like that though
0.851 That pink mini truck that has more bodywork & time put into it than anything you'll ever do & gets more respect & admiration than anything you'll ever create. You made a shitpost.
0.827 Have a nice day, good Sir :)
0.797 Lmao he made that little glory hole specifically for smoking
0.796 Looked like garbage, ran like a champ.
0.796 You remind me of this fuckwit that used to frequent sportscarforums.com ...thought he was superior to everyone because in his mind, lowriders were superior to anything.
0.791 I love smoking a nice $80,000 BMW in my bugeye.
0.786 But convince yourself that your sweet little murdertown isn't a pile of shit. I'm done.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.948 I can't say it looks bad necessarily, but it does completely ruin the point of having brake lights so I hate it.
-0.843 Oh it's worse than just *missing*, this idiot has gone and actually cut it off.
-0.808 they spent so much time making a worthless shit , does nothing well
-0.772 Yeah because murderers & gangbangers are just filled to the brim with car culture in that piece of shit place.
-0.771 You're the kind of idiot who would post a time attack car in here without knowing what you're even looking at.
-0.765 How the fuck is it ruined?
-0.739 Was a ton of fun but sketchy as hell
-0.735 What a sad, sad state to be in for a 944.
-0.735 holy fuck, this is insane, i never thought i'd see this again.
-0.726 Man, I miss my gen 1 Miata so bad.
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