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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.902 I only date and/or kiss women but enjoy play with a nice cock.
0.888 I also use "bisexual" but I'm definitely more so into girls than guys and I feel heteroflexible encapsulates that pretty well.
0.875 I would love to be with a woman or two that enjoys being banged like that.
0.864 I like how she taps the bed with her legs, it's so cute haha
0.856 But, I definitely find guys sexy too and have enjoyed any experiences I've had with other guys.
0.854 i love fat old man fucking young and beautiful girls.
0.848 That's an amazing house, great furniture!
0.844 Lol Yeah, "heteroflexible" is a great word.
0.827 okay that behind the scenes part was actually super enjoyable
0.807 I feel like she stopped enjoying it after that first pleasant thrust.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.947 You said "Evidence of rape is signs of a fight," implying that no signs of a fight means there's no evidence of rape.
-0.939 Not every rape is a physically brutal occurrence that happens in a dark alley street. If consent is not given or actively revoked and then sex happens, then its rape.
-0.910 Who is this motherfucker and how is he always banging the ever-loving shit out of ridiculously hot babes with that scraggly-ass escaped convict beard of his?
-0.906 Also nerds being fucked by hot chicks who seduce them cus they're dirty whores EDIT: xhamsters link to video.
-0.898 Hey man I play guild wars fuck you idiot :(
-0.875 Am I the only one who thinks that dick is fake as shit?
-0.874 This is especially common in victims who have previously suffered regular abuse.
-0.856 It could be dangerous for someone to try and fight their attacker.
-0.852 One actor beat her over a toilet while they fucked she thought she was gonna die.
-0.836 She gets throat fucked and gets her ass pounded.
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