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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.953 The best hope for the progressive movement is proving we're responsible and intelligent, creating credibility that will allow us to take over the Democratic Party in the next decade.
0.947 Sure, you may think these people have to be trustworthy, but everyone has a favorite and some people are crazy enough to lie in order to allow that favorite to win.
0.940 Of course Joe Biden, by virtue of not being an idiot, would prefer to grow the party and attract new membership that supports the ideals the Democratic party claims to hold.
0.939 PUT THE WORK IN TO WIN IT ALL!!! I'm so incredibly happy and hopeful right now!
0.934 You've gotta laugh at how quick people are to say he was expected to win Indiana, it doesn't help him that much...the glorious 538 had her at 90% to win.
0.934 Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!
0.934 Your honesty, integrity, respect, kindness and humility has sparked and inspired generations of Americans.
0.930 Maybe you only care about Sanders, and as much as I love Sanders I care about the progressive movement as a whole more than I care about Sanders.
0.930 Loved the way the black guy looked to his right and gave a couple nods of approval after the successful handshake haha
0.929 Hillary is a bad person, but she is offering us an olive branch by meeting with Bernie to establish new and exciting laws to help the far left achieve our desire for the Democratic Party.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.968 I will be voting for Trump but as a previous lifelong dem this upsets me, Fuck this they are doing bernie so dirty it's complete bullshit.
-0.936 This hypocritical shit from Hillary really needs to stop, it's starting to piss me the fuck off.
-0.922 All he did was stop short of letting a few of them die. BUT WE DID IT REDDIT NO PIPELINE ON HAUNTED INDIAN BURIAL GROUND Couple of bullshitters.
-0.917 Because the country is full of people who actually show up to vote and are sick of being slandered for any disagreement with your authoritarianism as racists for the de facto sin of being white.
-0.915 In other words, at the most critical turning points of the election season, this subreddit made the most appallingly poor decisions that utterly screwed over the members of this community.
-0.912 Lies, distortion, manipulation, cowardice, avoidance, and that shrill wicked witch of the west voice.
-0.903 I mean I know politics are dirty, but outright lying about something just seems plain stupid.
-0.902 Bernie will be accused of killing people or getting people killed, somehow.
-0.899 All of us want those transcripts, but with Bernie himself holding them up, the line of attack is in essence dead for now.
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