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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.879 Awesome room, really clean design I like it a lot!
0.860 Pretty sure that one would be suitable for the hallway outside :D http://www.photonstarlighting.co.uk/Main_Upload/IP-65+Ratings.pdf
0.859 He's one of the best sax techs in the states, and definitely one of the most prominent.
0.817 Most people were very friendly and wanted to meet and share travel stories. I highly recommend it.
0.813 And the stone wall goes beautifully with the laminate and wood. Wonderful.
0.812 Really great resource for anything saxophone, and his YouTube channel is very interesting.
0.796 You may want to prop some books under the mattress when you leave the house to allow the air to get to the underside to prevent moisture build up. ...I'm also fun at parties
0.790 I recently moved back to Florida and was more excited for the store than I care to admit!
0.751 Ideally, I'd like a brief description of the room as well as where it is.
0.751 I'm impressed, that looks to be it, much appreciated.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.625 They instituted height restrictions throughout San Francisco, and they're now in the middle of the worst and most expensive housing market in America.
-0.599 Now how about a rule in regards to annoying comments about privacy, cleaning, bugs, AC/heating bill, "no one needs that much space," etc.
-0.586 Considering some asshat recently posted a "photo" of a "room" in "Brazil" without mentioning it was a render ... Damned important. And renders should be banned.
-0.586 I think it's important to tell us where the hell it is.
-0.557 I can shit in my sky palace after dozens of other meals.
-0.542 Also this isn't all their money so saying you'd have 16M to fuck around with is irrelevant when you have the kind of income required to purchase this.
-0.511 There has been many times where something cool is posted and my 1st thought is "where the hell is that"?
-0.511 So neither is all that dumb
-0.494 Reminds me of the set of Hateful Eight.
-0.459 As someone from the Northeast, every time I see an open air plan, I shiver to the bone. Then I realize these people live somewhere where this would work year round and get jealous.
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