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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.925 I wanted to make a joke, but i think God beat me. Im sorry but have a great birthday :)
0.900 This proves that taking a load to your face throughout all of high school is great for your skin, but doesn't reconstruct your face like a miracle.
0.869 You should do well If you ever get super lucky and get a chance to finger a girl if your life.
0.866 Your best bet of anyone ever loving you is a nice white suburban family adopting you out of pity.
0.856 I'm amazed that not a single person here has a good jab at this monstrosity, this is the holy grail people wait for and I don't even have one because it's as redundant as making fun of a clown
0.856 It's easy to think you're the shit when everyone else at your school looks like a raw potato.
0.856 You look like the type of girl I would take to dinner, have a wonderful time with on an evening park stroll, see safely home, and then not call in the morning.
0.844 You know how they say the opposite of love isn't hate, it's apathy?
0.837 You look like the type of guy that thinks he's so suave and cool.
0.832 Given his build he seems like he'd have a thin penis; the kind people look at funny.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.886 Take psychedelics like LSD at least once homie, that shit doctors prescribe won't do shit but give you 100 more problems to fix one problem.
-0.875 It's suicide *bomb*, not suicide *bong*.
-0.863 * bowl cut * top button fastened * shirt untucked * nasty fucking pimple on that fat ass you call a "face" I get that you're trying to feed us material but shit, man, don't overdo it.
-0.862 What the fuck is wrong with your face I know the ugly stick joke is old but I literally think you get beat with the ugly bat daily!
-0.856 You're dull in all the wrong places, and women can sense that shit.
-0.852 See I commented on the one about the movie store manager but i was wrong, things can get worse.
-0.848 A druggy who steals trivial shit from the store The worst part is that you probably believe that you're better than them.
-0.844 Im assuming this is because you are trying to low key spot any potential rape victims?
-0.840 All I see is a shitty haircut and a desperate cry for attention.
-0.838 I like sick things/jokes as much as the next guy, but inserting things into me pee hole is not my cup of gang rape.
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