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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.846 I love that this was once a futuristic concept and is now taken completely for granted, ha.
0.805 And that's bits per second, so we're talking like 32 bytes a second here at best!
0.751 I was holding it with one hand, and then the image on the screen was a character holding their PADD with the same hand, with the same point of view I had of my iPad.
0.738 Just FYI, that's a "Happy New Year" card .
0.722 People hold Demolition Man quotes as sacred but all that really matters is that you enjoyed it.
0.691 In fairness, safety standards probably did improve a lot.
0.681 Yeah, Etsy seems ideal for this
0.650 Here's a great [video] by EngineerGuy explaining why the Picturephone was a total flop, despite it being so advanced for its time.
0.648 We were 1,200 miles apart. *After a minute of chatting* >Her: "Well it's good to see you!
0.637 It just lined up perfectly.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.718 We don't celebrate Christmas, we celebrate New Year.
-0.709 I feel really stupid to have missed the basic science depicted here.
-0.700 Erika the Red Kupfersberger died of an aneurysm on the playa in 2011, for no particular reason that had anything to do with being at Burning Man.
-0.681 It's only a matter of time until some drunk idiot slams into the inside of it
-0.626 Is it because you can't "force" good writing by throwing money at the problem?
-0.541 I'll steal it!
-0.511 nah man, our futuristic google prototype scopes with 1080p LED, LCD, 3D sony technology will block out the sun bigtime
-0.440 People have heart attacks and strokes at Burning Man, not infrequently, and not always because of any particular environmental factor.
-0.402 Herman Potonik introduced a spinning wheel station with a 30 meter diameter in his Problem der Befahrung des Weltraums .
-0.402 These test pilots must've had trouble sitting down.
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