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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.970 Guns are fun, drugs are fun, freedom is fun- we just need to teach people how to love it safely.
0.965 Please see Wikipedia for the implementation details, but I will say that it's true that IRV does a great job of encouraging multiple parties and eliminating the Spoiler Effect.
0.960 I'm sitting here with the love of my life that's making me happy for years now, but we still don't feel independent or free enough to live a truly happy life.
0.950 I really really really really want to revive a comedy troupe popular around here in the 80s , and it seems like the only thing that would validate me and make me happy.
0.940 Great passion and creativity is wonderful for the 0.01% of people who actually make it huge.
0.933 hahaha so funny, what a great comedian!
0.931 Wow, wish my only two options in life were mega famous actor or rich owner of a country home with a successful career.
0.930 If youre in favor of freedom of speech, that means youre in favor of freedom of speech precisely for views you despise." - Noam Chomsky
0.927 Either on Love, Laughter and Truth or Relentless because it's an album where he references porn. Edit: yay!
0.926 "Great man" was literally meant as a compliment, and everyone is trying to hide under the semantics of great vs good.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.971 But the worst is more disappointment, misery and pain if you try, versus going numb and avoiding life life altogether, even if that's nowhere near being happy.
-0.963 Dumb as shit. We fear death because we prefer life, and it is possible to postpone death.
-0.961 He was the most racist and divisive presidents we've ever had, ISIS on the rise, continous war in Libya and Syria that lead to migrant crisis destroying Europe, double national debt in 8 year.
-0.961 Let's go to war with terrorism because people are afraid of shit that creates a scary headline over what they're more likely to die from.
-0.957 The point is, fear of war, poverty, random violence, collapse of economic stability, debts, and our own government are nothing new.
-0.954 Not that i feel her optimism isn't needed, but the reality it is that Guns which kill faster by threat of death.
-0.951 It's not a question of the volume of murders, but who is killing and being killed.
-0.948 "It is usually imagined that a thief, a murderer, a spy, a prostitute, acknowledging his or her profession as evil, is ashamed of it.
-0.947 That we're well-informed about the dangers of falling off of shit? Cause I've fallen off a lot of shit and it sucks hard.
-0.944 war criminal who touted racist wars for oil being normalized on reddit.
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