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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.947 my most positive at .91 > sounds like excuse to do some sweet sweet heroine
0.937 I hope it helps, and I wish you the best of luck in your learning.
0.932 Welcome. Beginner questions are best suited for /r/learnpython, but I will do my best to help.
0.921 You can roll your own with Pyglet or whatever, but if you want to use an existing engine, it's better to use one of the well supported big names like Unity or Unreal.
0.917 The git integration is good, but I have not been using it a lot, I prefer gitg. All in all, I think it has improved my productivity significantly, and I definitely recommend at least trying.
0.915 Are libraries easy to install/use? Thanks for your time and I hope you're successful!
0.914 Kind of a newb here, but what is the difference between "modern" beautiful code and "older" beautiful code?
0.910 I love the discussions, great experience to have a good peer!
0.908 Value/Opinion delicious, charming, beautiful 1.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.965 My most negative comment: -0.9451 "Here's a helpful hint: sin 0 = sqrt/2, sin 30 = 1/2, sin 45 = 2/2, sin 60 = 3/2, sin 90 = 4/2.
-0.931 The algorythim seems to be looking for trigger words such as "Hate, war, panic, beating" and marking them as negative without context.
-0.919 The biggest problem with jS is it's abuse of closures and terrible scoping. Abusing Python's mutability features is the *exact opposite* idea you should be taking from this.
-0.915 Such as "I hate cancer" would be treated as negative.
-0.909 I'm sorry to say it but I got so sick of seeing this "new" `>>` operator abused recently.
-0.909 My worst >-0.9037 Jesus christ, no one on this retarded ass website has any sense of sarcasm or irony. Pretty solid analysis
-0.908 Most negative sentence: "I can't stand middle-upper class liberals who pay in black money, buy houses when the economy is bad and are complaining about the crisis all the damn time." LOL
-0.906 Score Sentence -0.8555 TERRIBLE TERRIBLE DAMAGE
-0.903 Python shouldn't come with a standard string library, we should be forced to write our own so we'll stop arguing about unicode errors. (I'm being sarcastic.
-0.886 Some of the random pants on head retarded shit I've encountered lately from various clients: * demanded we use no USB devices.
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