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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.963 *interrupts for the nth time* "Be quiet or leave!" "SAFE SPACE SAFE SPACE SAFE SPACE SAFE SPACE" "Be quiet or leave!" "SAFE SPACE.
0.922 Very true, pretty safe assumption that everyone involved in this is pretty hammered
0.922 Not that that makes her views count any less, but I just find it a funny when these people bang on about other people's privilege, but they are actually so privileged themselves.
0.914 One guy even laughed and said "I'll trade you my LG for your Toshiba." All in good fun, didn't see a single argument, and I even played some games with people in line.
0.912 Have a nice day. I don't know what the cashier heard, but the woman definitely did not curse, and the cashier just stonewalled her when she tried to clear it up.
0.911 Like wow haha loud noise pranked so hard, her reaction was great though.
0.910 Amazing, makes me laugh every time I see him, has a great voice too.
0.906 Haha oh my good god man, for some reason that visual has me in one of the longest giggle fits I've had in a long time, thank you for making my day.
0.903 It's amazing but in Ireland, cops are highly effective and actually respected.
0.903 These people are wonderful, so empathetic and kind!

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.966 It would be bad enough that they have to listen to hate speech while they are mourning, I doubt anyone that got enraged by it and attacked would be arrested if it could be helped.
-0.961 can not believe this bitch, imagine how many dudes were arrested before camera phones cause of this bitches "stop hitting me, oh my rib!" scam.
-0.961 It seems like crazy was convinced this footage showed her as the innocuous victim but all I saw was an unfortunate guy being harassed by two indignant cunts.
-0.960 I hate her a lot, but somehow I hate her bitch ass dad more.
-0.954 And you're upset and blaming the kids at being pissed off and treating the cops - the cops that are harassing THEM - with contempt?
-0.948 This is not only kidnapping and a torturous hate crime, this is domestic terrorism.
-0.947 Her dog barks at anyone who gets within 20 feet of her and is a vicious little shit and she bitches to us about the stupidest shit.
-0.944 I fucking hate trump, but this is when you hit the gas and the fuck with any sore loser in the way.
-0.943 I give the guy props for just trying to defuse the situation and ignore this dick heads insults, because a much more savage me, would have gone El Cartel del Golfo on his ass.
-0.941 She's right in a sense, "Why the fuck are we destroying our own shit" but wrong in the sense "Let's destroy other people's shit".
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