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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.962 Feels good in the short term and sure, it's a fun story but you're certainly not going to get more business from them or their friends, and they sound pretty wealthy.
0.950 It's like my justice boner has justice sex and there's a justice baby growing in my wife's justice anus...
0.949 Sorry if calling her a bitch is out of line, but seriously, that was super mean and your revenge was super sweet. Glad to hear you got a better paying job shortly after too!
0.946 Good God this is a TASTY POST :) TY for the great story!!!
0.943 Great work and awesome story, thanks for sharing and well done.
0.941 Didn't think I would, but super glad I did! Good for you!
0.940 :) I saw your original post in legal advice & was really happy about the update :) Hope that's the end of it now.
0.936 I don't know if this is really ProRevenge or not, but the karma sure was strong and its still a great story!
0.936 Plus, I was honestly pretty selfish in the way that I did it to make look quite a bit better in the bigger picture to everyone involved. But thanks a ton for the compliment, I appreciate it!
0.930 A wise man once said "Hobbies are fun, but never fuck with a man's best friend."

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.960 haha get fucked I hate towing companies but I hate fuckers who block driveways more so 10/10
-0.957 >YOU FUCKING TOWELHEAD TERRORIST BITCH That's ~~crossing~~ long jumping a line and very shitty behavior.
-0.949 Did you miss the bit where she deleted his photos of his dead girlfriend? Being annoying or racist is not required to justify this revenge; even if he had backup files.
-0.942 I understand she cheated on you but to ruin her career over it is kind of fucked up.
-0.941 So in other words your stupid dumb ass just glossed over the other two girls that reported being raped by him it appears.
-0.941 I couldn't physically help him without fear of being fired, but I threatened several people who believed the thief saying that the man randomly attacked him.
-0.941 Lets ruin his life with false accusations after police cleared him of all charges. You're no different from the tumblrinas who smear alleged rapists. maybe he was, maybe he wasn't.
-0.938 I think the husband here may have gone too far, but I also believe that a partner's infidelity has been the most excruciating, brutal thing I have ever experienced.
-0.938 >I am getting death threats over PM and racist assholes messaging me. Dafuq....
-0.936 I know they sound like shitty neighbors, but I blame the the shit hole of a resort u paid to stay in when the walls are so damn thin you can't have sex in the rooms.
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