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0.947 It usually drips a bit of oil but it's really delightful. Honestly, you can find NY style pretty much anywhere in areas near NYC, including northeast PA and Jersey.
0.940 like crispy is good for topping, but medium is good on its own, or in a sammich. crispy pepperoni on the other hand, is always good.
0.936 As a former pizza maker, i loved special orders like this -as long as the orderer was kind- it was a nice change of pace from making the same old stuff all the time.
0.929 I'm pretty sure something like supreme or mushroom and sausage is much more popular in america.
0.927 The crust is the best, the sauce is the best and they way it's put together is the best.
0.926 Best of luck, and so happy you've realized your dream!
0.918 And P Hut is hardly a good indicator of a good pie so I guess it doesn't have to be a perfect circle :D
0.917 That's a great looking pie, great color on the crust and perfect color on the cheese on the left side.
0.917 Now that my friend is a delicious looking pie! good topping balance, lots of cheese and i bet that crust had a nice "crunch" too. Can i has?
0.916 Time is what is going to actually heal the wounds, but looking better and feeling better about yourself while you wait helps a lot.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.906 The worst was watching people devour somethng with that nasty garlic parm shit, alfredo, blue cheese sauce, and then just more cheese.
-0.897 As a transplant to Oklahoma from a state that sells Yuengling, I fucking hate this damn state and their stupid alcohol laws.
-0.891 Dickin_son, if you cooked that in your shitty stove oven featured in the photo, if you're telling me that I can make such deliciousness out of my shitty stove oven, I will suck your dick.
-0.886 hey if it's been a year I'd order whatever the fuck delivered and gobble that greasy shit down with no remorse.
-0.875 I hate this. Not because I don't like pizza, I LOVE pizza!
-0.871 You don't polo, you've never played polo. Lying little shit with your bullshit shirt, fuck you.
-0.870 Agreed that is very bad, he didn't start corner to corner, but even then I've made some bad cuts in my time
-0.866 Everyone slathered that perfectly made shit with ranch, alfredo, that nasty garlic parm shit, anything they could get their hands on that ruined the food.
-0.843 My cuts are never this shitty.
-0.827 HEY i didn't eat pizza for all of 2016 either, but there was no bet... shit
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