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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.935 Our jobs give us a great deal of intellectual freedom and boundless opportunities for continued learning.
0.934 Science might move slower that way but at least it would give more novel solutions a place to grow outside of individual wealth. I honestly have not a clue.
0.927 Awesome video man, I love your excitement and enthusiasm; I want to go build a potato gun now! What area of physics are you/ have you studied?
0.922 Those best at the game win steady career paths; though they might not be the best.
0.922 We always get super excited when you've come out with a new video and I can't tell you how many times I've shown my classes the videos as well. Keep up the AWESOME work.
0.917 I don't normally call science beautiful, but this is an absolutely beautiful creation that made me cry with joy.
0.916 Of course, there is some switching back and forth, but the point is that my great joy is seeing how things compose themselves.
0.905 But again, I'm just a random person on the internet, if you're convinced that it doesn't help then you should trust yourself. Best of luck!
0.904 One really nice thing about C is that in winter you can tell very easily whether it will be snowing or raining, which is pretty much the only thing I care about when dressing for outside.
0.891 This was great, got a good laugh out of me.

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.954 There are moral ambiguities to celera's research but he gets shit done. The academic world you see is an unfortunate consequence of the harsh realities of modern decaying late stage capitalism.
-0.867 Obviously the models I've mentioned are linear, but viscoelasticity is a pain in the ass and as a generally rule you want to keep thing as simple as you physically can.
-0.859 Those fuckers can be long as hell.
-0.856 Until the day he has a heart attack and suffers a collapse
-0.852 and make something for themselves with it, they are in a lot of debt, and they follow the historical path out of that debt: more education. This is a dead end.
-0.848 i think that if worst comes to worst we'll be left with a couple million people living underground
-0.846 Call me stupid, but I'm willing to put up with the political battles to work on environmental problems.
-0.832 Does alll that shit matter when you dead?
-0.827 cant tell what the hell my python programs doing wrong though so im starting back from scratch on Mathematica with a tight binding model, just cus i have the time.
-0.818 Because why not measure the largest shit in the universe with the smallest standard metric units. Fuckers.
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