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Ten Most Positive Sentences

Score Sentence
0.918 Grown lady, but it still is always a delight to read her work with such beautiful handwriting!
0.897 Trying to keep anonymity under fluorescent lights) Here's an in-class piece of her writing :) [http://i.imgur.com/9fPcjx1.jpg] I'm so glad you all are enjoying her writing, too!!
0.893 Thank you, I'll definitely make her end of year gift something to encourage her craft!
0.839 I'm so glad to hear as a teacher, you encouraged their creativity!!
0.817 That means a lot :) Congratulations to your now 6th grader!!
0.813 If we need an /r/lookatthisletter, I'll happily create it and help moderate it.
0.751 The little details are the parts my kids are enjoying the most and trying to connect in their predictions :)
0.726 :) Thank you!!
0.710 I can take a better one when I get to school today :)
0.710 I believe she'll improve on those soon :)

Ten Most Negative Sentences

Score Sentence
-0.681 Hell of a disability.
-0.572 5th grade is usually a big transition year, with the dreaded puberty kicking in for a lot of kids.
-0.542 Obligatory this kills the crab
-0.511 Your handwriting is disturbingly similar to mine except you do your T completely different.
-0.494 Conservatives are typically against orientation equality. If you're gonna be hateful, at least know what you're talking about. TheMoreYouKnow.gif
-0.402 Damn it, cannot be unseen.
-0.393 I completely agree with you and I try to do my bit with my voting power, but it seems like we are losing the battle.
-0.382 They lose the ability to write lower case letters.
-0.359 Transcript: Hello, /r/PenmanshipPorn! Since there are no self-posts, I'm hand-writing this meta-discussion [and transcribing it in this comment].
-0.329 I'm glad it didn't take away all of your creativity, but it still hurts my heart.
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