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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.772 I was thinking that *okay, it's kinda funny that they replaced Mary and Joseph with dinosaurs, but it's worth a chuckle at most*, then I realized they were suposed to be people.
0.751 Well ain't that the first noble truth.
0.750 Thank you for the laugh this morning!
0.697 yeah i meant it was just more subtle than most of /r/IGTHFT, trust me my name isnt very subtle at all
0.670 Pretty sure he flicked you off
0.670 That sure is pretty
0.604 Donald supporters always say random things when they can't argue, why is that?
0.572 I bet the big one wins and get to keep the circular saw.
0.557 Like a disapproving maitre d'. "No, sir, we do not serve *burritos*, now please leave the premises and return to the gutter from whence you came."
0.494 He's walking on sunshine now

Ten Most Negative Sentences

Score Sentence
-0.750 That would disturb me so badly!
-0.673 That banshee across the street, FUCK YOU KAREN!
-0.597 I'm not sure it has a specific name but I can tell you it's used for batteries in emergency lighting.
-0.527 stupid fucking hamster face
-0.440 Still waiting on fry :(
-0.389 that's because instead of just saying "lol DAE HATE NIGGERS?
-0.382 I bet modern mankind could put up a decent fight against giant ancient monsters
-0.382 There are three houses in my neighborhood with this exact ~~nativity~~ dino battle.
-0.276 That doesn't look anything like Forrest Whittaker.
-0.273 'Please, just a drop.
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