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Ten Most Positive Sentences

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0.956 God bless, technology makes me so happy that it can advance and reach out to people that want to experience it most, hope he loved every minute!
0.953 I love LOTR as well and am so happy to see another fan who loved this game.
0.950 My best friend has spina bifida so I totally understand how one act or acts of kindness can change a persons life and at the same time hopefully inspire others to do the same.
0.944 Just amazing how the experiences with VR will affect his overall happiness. I'm confident that he'll love it the more games come out!
0.942 Amazing game, perfect story, perfect multiplayer and perfect dlc
0.942 So, great news :) Now, if they could add automatic trophy syncing to rest mode, I'd be very happy :)
0.940 > ability to save and quit part way through a game oh yes, i love this game but the save and resume will be VERY well received.
0.937 Let's hope and pray for more of The Witcher - great huge open world and amazing narrative without either having to be sacrificed.
0.929 Crash Bandicoot started my love for video games, and I'm so happy they're bringing back my old friend :')
0.927 Like I get that he was going full out weeb to try and be the biggest FFVII fan or whatever but like atleast play other FF games where it has ALWAYS been Phoenix down

Ten Most Negative Sentences

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-0.959 Obviously hate fuels revenge but the trailer had this Kill Bill revenge vibe going on.
-0.958 Watch: Joel is actually dead and Ellie is going on a revenge trip to kill who killed him.
-0.938 You know you're a bad ass when you kill a god, but its another thing to kill so many gods you have to traverse to a different pantheon to continue killing gods.
-0.934 She just murdered the entire firefly camp and she is dead set on killing the entire Fireflies faction.
-0.929 Slightly disappointed that they didn't announce a brand new IP but actually fuck that shit Last of Us 2!!!!!!!
-0.925 Trying to oppress a gamer because of violent terrorist assholes does not belong in gaming.
-0.923 GTA SA does but 3 and Vice City don't, however they do stop you from getting platinum because your criminal rating will go down to irreversible levels if you use cheats.
-0.918 Especially since CRASH and also whatever the fuck was going on with Death Stranding !!!
-0.914 Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on...me?. Fool me three times.........you can't get fooled again.
-0.911 I haven't played through all of Last Of Us but the video really seemed to be about revenge more than hate.
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